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Positionspapier Bitkom position on the proposal for a Directive on the Resilience of Critical Entities

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Bitkom agrees that the existing framework for protecting critical infrastructures is inadequate in the light of increasing interdependencies and evolving risks. The changing nature of the threat landscape requires both better protection and more investment in resilience capacities to secure our critical infrastructure. We see the imperative need for a future-proofed protection framework and therefore welcome the Commission's initiative. 

Our position is guided by the urgent need to create a more coherent and harmonized common level playing field. We are convinced that common and harmonized legislation at EU level is the most effective way to improve protection and promote resilience of critical infrastructures. That’s why Bitkom strongly calls for consistency and alignment of the new CER-Directive with other regimes and legislative developments. Maintaining or even introducing new cross-country fragmentation must be avoided at any cost. 

For details, please take a look at our paper.

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