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Positionspapier GDPR Review – Recommendations for the EU’s Data Protection Framework


The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect two years ago and has become one of the most discussed, celebrated and well-known pieces of EU legislation. Its importance for economy and society, especially in the digital environment, cannot be overstated. While we welcome the awareness for data protection that the GDPR has brought, the current evaluation process gives us reason to pause and review the legal framework in order to improve its application and legal obligations. Even if the GDPR itself will not be amended in this review, we are convinced that the evaluation should be used to prepare an improved data protection framework - especially given the upcoming legislation proposed in the data strategy and the ePrivacy Regulation.

We provide detailed recommendations for the Review of the GDPR and a successful Data Protection Framework to enable innovation in the EU in our Position Paper which can be downloaded below.

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